Shipwreck Illustration for Lianne Xiao's written piece in re:asian's FIRSTS issue.
The Yellow Wallpaper Illustration based on Charlotte Perkin Gilman's short story about a woman's growing obsession with the patterned wallpaper in the room she is locked in.
The Fruit of My Woman Illustration based on Han Kang's short story about a woman who turns into a plant, which led to her novel, The Vegetarian.
Ongoing series based on zodiac animals in legends
Portrait of Amy Adams in Tom Ford's film Nocturnal Animals
Late Spring Illustrations for a DVD cover of Yasujiro Ozu's film.
Travel Poster for Lantau Island, Hong Kong Gouache between 4 layers of resin on wood.
The Bell Jar Illustration based on Sylvia Plath's novel.
Sleep Series inspired by a bout of hypersomnia.
Away From Her Illustration inspired by the topic of memory in Sarah Polley's film, about how a couple deals with the introduction of Alzheimer's in their relationship.
Safe Illustration for DVD cover of Todd Haynes' film.
Marian A portrait study
Sad Mouse Illustration based on NPR'S ‚ÄúBursts of Light Create Memories, Then Take Them Away" about optogenetics testing.
Fortune 2 Illustration inspired by the random fortune of a fortune cookie.
Ava as White Portrait of Ava as White from the film Tekkonkinkreet.
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